SIPA Police confiscated Federal Prime Minister’s Phone in Case of Respirators’ Affair


Members of State Investigation and Protection Agency, acting on the order of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, have temporarily confiscated the mobile phone of Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic three days ago, it was confirmed for “Avaz” from this police agency.

This is an investigation related to the procurement of respirators from China to BiH worth 10.5 million BAM. Earlier, SIPA confiscated the mobile phones of his advisers Hasan Ganibegovic (now former) and Government Secretary Edita Kalajdzic.

SIPA took Novalic’s mobile phone in order to establish all communication between him, Ganibegovic, Kalajdzic, but also Fahrudin Solak, the director of Federal Administration of Civil Protection, who is a suspect in this affair.

Currently, it is being checked why Ganibegovic and Kalajdzic deleted the messages they sent to the Prime Minister.  However, according to Avaz, the key messages were sent by Solak. In addition, it is being checked whether and when exactly Novalic called Privredna Banka to speed up the payment of funds.

These allegations were received by SIPA, but are now being investigated and verified by the Prosecutors Office.



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