Statistics: Number of Cars imported last Year to Bosnia-Herzegovina


Nearly one billion BAM worth of cars were imported in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the previous year, which represents a record over the last ten years, Capital portal learned.

Last year, 69,077 cars were imported, which is less than in previous years, but the value of the cars increased.

The most expensive vehicle to arrive in Bosnia was the Bentley Continental GT Coupe, which was paid 422,714 BAM.

The country earned 72,000 BAM from this luxury car for taxes.

The total value of imported cars in BiH last year amounted to 958.1 million BAM, and 204 million BAM in taxes was paid.

Of the total imported cars, 58,645 were used, while 10,432 were new vehicles. After the Bentley, on the list of the most expensive cars imported in BiH second is Rolls Royce Ghost Family, for which 336,696 BAM was given, of which the country received 57,255 BAM. In the third place is the “Bentley Bentayaga V8” whose value is 309.013 BAM, and the owner paid 52.602 BAM.

Statistics show that over the past 10 years the number of imported cars has increased, but also their value, except for the previous year when fewer vehicles were imported. Thus, in 2010, 384 million BAM was allocated for imported cars, while in 2019 this amount increased to almost one billion BAM, Biznis Info reports.




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