Tegeltija reveals when Bosnia and Herzegovina will open Borders for EU Citizens


Delegate in the House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina Parliament Denis Becirovic (SDP party) addressed the issue to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Zoran Tegeltija, Avaz news portal reports.

“When the competent authorities of the state of BiH plan to open the border for EU citizens,”Becirovic asked.

Chairman Tegeltija replied that the problem of border management proved to be very important during the pandemic.

“We tried to follow the EU and our neighbors. Our measures were unpopular at one point, but they yielded results. When it comes to opening borders, we already have several proposals. We gave the opportunity for business people to enter and we made it possible for our neighbors. When it comes to the EU, we will follow what epidemiologists say, but we will follow what the EU does. It is not a real opening before the end of the sixth month,”Tegeltija explained.

Delegate Becirovic pointed out that he was not satisfied with what the BiH Council of Ministers was doing on this issue.

“I call on the Council of Ministers of BiH to send a clear message today when the borders will be opened,”Becirović emphasized.



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