Ryanair re-established Flights from Banja Luka to Two Destinations

After a four-month break due to the coronavirus pandemic, the airline “Ryanair” re-established flights from Banja Luka to two destinations.

The first flight was on the Memmingen-Banja Luka-Memmingen route. The plane took off for Memmingen last night and will operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays, the Banja Luka Airport announced.

The Brussels-Banja Luka line, which will operate on Fridays and Mondays, has been re-established.

The manager of the company “Ryanair” for communications for Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Olga Pavlonka, stated that this company, in order to celebrate the continuation of flights from the Banja Luka airport, started selling tickets with prices of 25.99 euros by the end of October.

Tickets must be reserved by Wednesday, August 5, on the company’s website. The General Manager of Banja Luka Airport, Milan Racic, said that the continuation of “Ryanair” flights is good news for everyone and added that this airport is ready for all passengers.

“Banja Luka International Airport is ready for traffic with respect to all measures of the competent institutions in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, the airline Belgrade-Banja Luka-Belgrade, “Air Serbia”, and charter flights to Antalya by the agency “Kontiki Travel” operate from our airport,” it is stated in the announcement of the Banja Luka airport.

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