Severely ill Father and Baby need Your Help!

Severely ill Alija Alic and his nine-month-old son Ahmet need 28,200 euros for surgery and treatment in Turkey! Alija has undergone urgent brain surgery this morning at the Medical Park Clinic in Istanbul , while nine months old Ahmet, who has cysts on his brain, had numerous examinations, and determined that he will not have to have surgery for now, but will be under their supervision.

Although Alija could not pay the costs of surgery, accommodation, examination and treatment, the doctors decided to do everything necessary to cure the father and son, and the Pomozi.ba Association gave them a guarantee that they would pay 28,200 euros in the coming period.

That is why the Pomozi.ba Association launched an appeal for help, so that all people with a good heart could give their contribution and help the father and his baby to recover.

The Alic family lives in very difficult conditions in the village of Piskavica near Gracanica. Alija and his wife have five children, and in addition to Ahmet, another son is ill.

“Due to the extremely difficult life situation, we have helped them with food and hygiene packages and medicines before, and we hope to raise the necessary money for their treatment as soon as possible. We have put into operation the humanitarian number 17007 available to all operators in BiH who donate 2 BAM “, states from Pomozi.ba.

In addition to calls, you can also help by the online platform www.pomoziba.org, where it is possible to make a donation via debit or credit card in just a few clicks.

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