This Year is the worst in the Last Ten Years, Beekeepers claim

Beekeepers in Bosnia and Herzegovina raised honey prices because this year was bad due to bad weather and poor grazing, but also difficult placement because domestic honey is difficult to get on the shelves, due to, as they say, blackmailing with low honey prices, N1 news portal reports.

Beekeepers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina also found an opportunity to sell something at the 15th International Beekeeping Fair Medena Tuzla. Acacia, linden, meadow, chestnut, pine honey are part of the diverse offer of domestic producers.

“Various honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, mixtures with nettles, multivitamins and everything else from bees,” said Mato Kutlic from Usora.

Beekeeping requires special equipment, and there are few in BiH. Climate change requires innovations such as the bottom that goes under the hive.

“Bees come in this summer and collect pollen. They come out of these holes upstairs, the pollen from the legs falls down into this petal we have. Beekeepers are sure that this pollen will not be stung, that it will be healthy and clean,” said Edina Išsceric from Vogosca.

There is also a lack of equipment for collecting bee venom, which is very expensive on the market.

“We cannot find equipment manufacturers that would meet the criteria to be able to take bee venom. We buy equipment that spoils quickly and is non-functional. We are looking for opportunities to purchase quality equipment and start collecting bee venom,” said Senad Hodzic from the Alliance of beekeepers in Tuzla Canton.

This year was extremely bad and the yields are small, beekeepers claim. Incentives could help them, that is, 15 BAM per hive in Tuzla Canton.

“Incentives at the Federal level range from 20 hives onwards, and the cantonal ministry supports bees from 15 to 20 hives,” said Suad Selimovic from the Tuzla Cantonal Chamber of Commerce.

“We get 30 BAM per one hive, which is enough to pay us the annual costs, moving, depreciation and feeding of bees in a year like this, which is the worst in ten years,” said Ramo Rendic from Brcko.

“I have been beekeeping for 26 years and this is one of the most difficult and worst years. By the way, production has stagnated for the last three years. When asked why we attribute it to the weather conditions,” Mubera Isabegovic from Tuzla Beekeepers Association concluded.

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