Bosnian Mirsad Tunja is an Associate at European Organization for Nuclear Research

The best example of investing in the education of young people and investing in our future is the example of Mirsad Tunja, who is today employed as an associate in the field of theoretical physics at the Faculty of Science.

Tunja got this job after graduating with an average grade of 9.8, all of which was a prelude to a story in which young Tunja reached CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research and the largest scientific laboratory for particle physics at world.

At CERN, he is teaching various aspects of theoretical, experimental, and medical physics, and works with faculty colleagues to design accelerators for medical applications.

“Investing in the education of our students is important because this is how we show our commitment to help them along the way and keep them in BiH. It is especially gratifying to see such examples that our grantees achieve such success and are recognized in prestigious organizations and institutions,” said the Mayor of Stari Grad, Ibrahim Hadzibajric.

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