BHdiaFor: Establishment of the global development Network of BH Diaspora soon?

BHdiaFor bhdijaspora.comThe third business forum of BH diaspora “BHdiaFor” this year gathered more than 150 participants. Armin Alijagić, the president of the Association “Naša perspektiva”, which was also the organizer of this event, spoke about impressions from this forum.

“Forty percent of attendees at this year’s forum was from the diaspora, from as much as 15 countries of the world. The organizing committee of this year’s forum was honored to host Ademir Kenovic as a guest. During the past several months, the organization ‘Naša perspektiva’ had a pleasure to participate at perhaps the largest project which promotes developmental potential of the diaspora, which is certainly the series of the media house Al Jazeera titled ‘Hoću kući’ (I want to go home’), implemented under the auspices of the production company ‘Refresh Productions’, headed by Ademir Kenovic, with technical support of the organization ‘Naša perspektiva’. A premiere of a part of this serial which is to start being emitted in November 2015 at Al Jazeera television was held at the gathering”, Alijagic pointed out.

The program during the forum was divided into sectors. Four sectors were in focus: agriculture, IT, energy and logistics.

“Based on our experience and discussion with over 1.000 members of diaspora community, it turned out that the major interest was shown exactly in these four sectors, thereby the organizers decided to divide the gathering this way because of that reason. Tor-Arne Sletmoen, the Director of Global Geno AS – Norwegian company which intends to build one of the largest breeding and selection center in the world in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with diaspora investor, made a short presentation at the first session (agriculture).

The organizers are satisfied with the results of this year’s forum, pointing out that preconditions were created for the realization of investments and business cooperation and that the awareness on enormous developmental potential of BH diaspora was increased with the relevant actors.

(Source: photo bhdijaspora)

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