Sicilian Chef sold Three Restaurants in Italy and opened One in Sarajevo

Giancarlo di Vincenzo is the chief who came to Sarajevo from northern Sicily and he opened an Italian restaurant in our capital city. He lived and built his career in Italy, and he was so attracted by the capital city of BiH that he decided to sell all three of his restaurants and he decided to continue with his life here.

“What attracted me the most in Sarajevo is the mentality of people, which is almost the same one as in people in Italy.  Everyone here are nice, cheerful, hospitable and enjoying the food. I believe that everyone knows that the Italians are born hedonists, especially when it comes to food and friendships,” stated Giancarlo.

For him, Sarajevo is the city with soul. He said that he knew he will return already after the first visit. He decided not to leave it again because he felt here like home. He finds numerous traditions and customs attractive, and the fact that the capital of BiH gives a special feeling of warmth.

He also added that he did not take much to get used to life here and he likes both the food and Bosnian coffee, but he also said that there is a key difference in drinking a coffee in BiH and Italy.

“In Italy, we drink our coffee quickly, just standing while it is still hot and then we go after our obligations. And it is a bit different here, the Bosnian coffee is something that really connects people, they are hanging out and nurturing this tradition. I must admit that I am getting used to it more and more,” said Giancarlo.

He noted that his restaurant was not the first Italian restaurant to open in Sarajevo, but he said that the main difference is that he is an Italian chef who decided to have primarily Mediterranean food in their offer, then a few kinds of pasta for which the dough is always freshly done, and some traditional Sicilian meals and recipes created by him.

Restaurant Da Vincenzo was opened last year in October, and it is placed in Skenderíja. It is not large, but you are under the impression that you are in a restaurant in Italy as soon as you enter its blue and white space with the motifs of the sea.

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