Mountaineers from BiH and Croatia marked the Arrival of Spring with “Cimburijada”

As a sign of spring, the Mountaineering Association Tajan – Lisac from Zenica organized a traditional manifestation “Mountain Cimburijada (Mountain Festival of Scrambled Eggs)” on the mountain Lisac, which was attended by about 200 people from different mountaineering associations from BiH and Croatia this year.

The mountaineers walked the snow-covered path from the village Bukovica to the mountain lodge Lisac (1,012 meters above the sea level). There were about 30 centimeters of snow on their path.

They were welcomed in the mountain lodge by hosts in warm rooms and, according to the tradition, they offered them a mountain tea and scrambled eggs (cimbur), which is made of eggs and wild white onion.

Secretary of the association, Bernadin Kapo, said that most mountaineers are coming to this event to mark the upcoming spring for years, they and are delighted with the taste of the scrambled eggs that their hosts offer them.

“In order to fully respect the tradition and make our guests satisfied, we managed to find the wild white onion below the snow,” he stated.

Mountaineers are also traditionally taking part in marking March 20, the Day of the City of Zenica, with the Cimburijada on Lisac.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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