Members of BiH Armed Forces get acquainted with Medical Care and Evacuation in Combat Operations


The end of the Mil-to Mil “Medical Tasks and Familiarization 20-2” event was marked with a special program on Friday in Miralem Jugo barracks near Mostar, which was held from September 4 to 18 in the organization of the Office of Defense Cooperation of the US Embassy in BiH and the Civil-Military Support Element (CMSE) at the Embassy with members of the BiH Armed Forces.

Fifty-four members of the Armed Forces of BiH attended this event, and received training and acquired knowledge of medical care and evacuation in combat operations at the tactical level, with the aim of strengthening the operational capabilities of members of the AF BiH in mission and tasks, both in the country and in peace support missions.

The Commander of the 4th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier Zdravko Rezo, stated that this is an excellent example of constant cooperation with the US Armed Forces, whose members support these and similar types of training on a daily basis through the state partnership program.

During the ceremony, Brigadier Rezo handed out certificates to the participants, and certificates of appreciation to the instructors, while Head of the Office of Defense Cooperation of the US Embassy in BiH, Major Taib Grozdanic, presented Brigadier Rezo with the US flag.

“The USA has had a partnership relationship with the BiH Armed Forces since their very beginning. The training that has taken place in recent days will help soldiers advance in their professional careers, while the skills and knowledge they have been taught will help them in their daily lives. It will also help BiH, as a country that has ambitions to become a member of NATO, to meet the high standards that the alliance expects,” said Grozdanic.

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