Achieved Level of Infection with Coronavirus higher than all previous ones in Bosnia and Herzegovina

”The increase in the number of people infected with the corona virus in the Republika Srpska entity has set off a red alarm and we must react immediately in order to stabilize the situation,” said Jela Acimovic, an epidemiologist at the RS Institute of Public Health.

She pointed out that the level of infection has been reached, which is higher than all the previous ones, and that at this moment, the most important thing is that all citizens adhere to the measures prescribed by the Institute, Vijesti.ba writes.

“In order not to go into the complete closure of facilities on the territory of the Republika Srpska, we must adhere to all measures, because now the disease is spreading the easiest,” said Acimovic.

She added that the expectations are that this large number of infected people will further increase the number of people with a severe clinical picture in the coming days.

Branislav Zeljkovic, director of the RS Institute of Public Health, said that after a certain period of stabilization, the epidemiological situation had worsened.

“The unfavorable situation is also visible in some local communities, including Pale. The reasons are mostly private gatherings. If the local communities in which the number of infected people has increased do not tighten measures, the Institute will propose them,” Zeljkovic said.

He pointed out that we cannot expect the epidemiological situation in the community to be unfavorable, without deteriorating in schools at some point.

“It has not yet been established how people who are positive for the corona virus will vote in the upcoming local elections. There is a huge pressure on the health system, and health workers are tired and frustrated when they see how certain citizens behave,” Zeljkovic pointed out.

In 24 hours in BiH, another 336 people tested positive for coronavirus, and 11 of them died as a result of this virus.

Acimovic said that 488 laboratory samples were tested in 24 hours, of which 106 were positive. “According to the place of residence, 25 people are from Gradiska, 15 from Banja Luka, 11 from Prijedor, 10 from Zvornik, nine from Bijeljina, seven from Laktasi, six from Foca, four from Doboj and Srbac, three each from Prnjavor and Celinec, two from Ugljevik and Teslic, and one from Visegrad, Kotor Varos, Pelagic, Petrov and Sekovic, “said Acimovic.

She added that in 24 hours, one death was reported to the RS Institute of Public Health as a result of Covid-19, and it was an elderly woman from Gacko. The Federal Institute of Public Health announced that 1,597 samples were reported in 24 hours, of which 228 were positive for the corona virus.

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