17.680 Orders issued for placing Passengers in Isolation in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina



A total of 17.680 orders have been issued in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on placing passengers under medical supervision or isolation measures for 14 days, the director of the Federal Inspection Directorate, Anis Ajdinovic, confirmed, Fena news agency reports.

He stressed that 86 Federal inspectors, in three shifts, are conducting checks at 15 border crossings and at the Sarajevo International Airport, which will remain open until March 30, for 24 hours.

Ajdinovic clarified that information on isolation orders are provided to all cantonal institutions, but also to institutions in the Republika Srpska and Brcko District if persons who entered BiH have entered through the Federation of BiH but reside in Republika Srpska or Brcko District.

“Thus, data for 1.829 persons were provided to the RS, while data for 164 persons were provided to the Brcko District. This continuous exchange of data shows that the state has the right answer to the imposition and control of isolation measures, and none of these 17.680 is on the list for which the Covid-19 virus has been confirmed,” Ajdinovic said.

He also confirmed that at these border crossings controlled by Federal inspectors, a decreasing number of entries is recorded.


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