Painter Safet Begic is the only Artist from the Region at the UN Exhibition

Painter and visual artist Safet Begic exhibited at the end of last month as the only artist from the region at the prestigious UN art exhibition “Global Conversation 2020”, which brings together artists from around the world.

Ninety-nine selected works were presented at the exhibition, and the curator Gillead Gaari was most responsible for the selection. The exhibition discusses topics related to human rights, police brutality, poverty, climate change, Info Radar reports.

Safet Begic says that it was an exceptional part to participate in this exhibition. “I am even more pleased that the painting” Kolo Srebrenicko “is on display. This image actually thematizes the responsibility of the UN and the International Community in the Srebrenica Genocide.

I don’t think that the UN would be interested in self-criticism, especially not on its own birthday, but they hired a curator who chose the best works for the exhibition,” says Begic.

The group online exhibition “Global Conversation 2020” was supposed to be held in the gallery of the UN Building in New York, but because of the Covid 19 pandemic, it was shown online from September 21 to 28.

The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the UN: “This special event celebrates the anniversary of the UN, in order to prove that through art we can create a better world – freedom, coexistence, cooperation, understanding and unity between people, nations and cultures.” , said the organizers of the exhibition.

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