‘Bosnian History’ Website: Sharing Culture and Past with the World

A passion for history and Bosnian influence created a blog that is sharing the country’s unique history and culture to the world, and bridging the gap in the diaspora. was founded in 2016, by Albinko Hasic, whose background in history coupled with an affinity for Bosnia sparked the idea to “create an accessible platform to showcase Bosnian history and culture”.

The website is an independent history and travel blog providing informative and educational content about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s culture and past. 

“I enjoy reading about historical topics and began the website as a sort of personal blog on reflections about the country and its culture,” Mr Hasic, who lives in America, told the Sarajevo Times. 

“I always knew there were scattered articles and information but it was never consolidated and archived in one place…this is my aim with the website—a sort of digital archive and curation project,” he said.

“Over time, especially with the introduction of social media platforms, it evolved.”

On their website, Bosnian History states their mission as creating intrigue in Bosnia as a place to visit as well as illuminating the nation’s ‘extraordinary historic and cultural wealth’.

Mr Hasic elaborated to the Sarajevo Times on the uniqueness of Bosnia and its history and culture and why it should be shared with the world. 

“Bosnia summons up a vision of a better humanity,” he said, “humanity where cultural and religious differences are celebrated in a neighbourly fashion. 

“Sarajevo is often referred to as Europe’s Jerusalem but I think the same can be extended for the country as a whole.”

“Bosnia is a beautiful example of remarkable strength and perseverance not just against atrocities and conflict, but the waves of time.”

Bosnian History’s Instagram account has over 23,000 followers and posts daily vibrant and intriguing images depicting Bosnia’s rich culture, and providing a window into the past. 

“The photographs we celebrate on these platforms are extraordinary and always solicit an emotional response,” said Mr Hasic.

“Through them, we can experience the moment of the subjects, even if we are separated by time and distance.

Mr Hasic told the Sarajevo Times that he is pleased that through Instagram they have been able to reach young Bosnians living in the diaspora.

“One beautiful aspect of social media that I have discovered is that it has allowed the information to make its way to younger diaspora Bosnians. 

“The information is easily accessible, and it allows them to connect to the country of their ancestors.”

Written by Miya Yamanouchi for the Sarajevo Times

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