City Council of the City of Sarajevo constitued, the Mayor has not been elected

The City Councilors of the City of Sarajevo, after making a solemn statement, were supposed to elect the Chairman of that Council, but the session was adjourned.

Twenty-eight City Councilors who were given a mandate by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) by publicly making and signing a solemn statement took over the duty of City Councilor yesterday.

Councilors from the municipal councils of Stari Grad, Centar, Novo Sarajevo, and Novi Grad Sarajevo took over the mandates in the Sarajevo City Council.

Vedran Dodik (Croat), Srdjan Simonovic and Jasmin Skorupan (Serbs), and Seid Skaljic, Vedad Deljkovic, Almedin Miladin, and Muamer Mekic (Bosniaks) were elected from the Stari Grad to the City Council of Sarajevo.

As for the municipality of Centar, these persons were elected: Zeljko Majstorovic (Croat), Biljana Lazarevic and Dragan Stevanovic (Serbs), Nihad Uk (others), and Jasmin Ademovic, Lejla Cosovic, and Amra Zulfikarpasic (Bosniaks).

Marijela Hasimbegovic and Danijela Sahat (Croats), Srdjan Srdic (Serb), Samir Bejic and Mirela Dzehverovic (others), and Alma Cengic and Elvedin Korora (Bosniaks) were elected from Novi Grad to the Sarajevo City Council.

Toni Vukadin and Drago Juric (Croats), Ratko Orozovic (Serb), Enisa Spahic (others), and Adi Skaljic, Bajro Biber and Alem Logo (Bosniaks) got the mandates of Councilors in the City Council of the City of Sarajevo from the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo.

After that, the Councilors voted for the Chairman of the City Council of the City of Sarajevo, and the proposed candidates for this position were Jasmin Ademovic and Srdjan Srdic.

Ten Councilors voted for Ademovic, and five for Srdic. One ballot is invalid, one blank, while 11 ballots were filled “in a way that raises suspicion”.

Due to the identified irregularities, the CEC proposed that the election for the Chairman of the City Council be repeated, after which the session was adjourned due to lack of quorum.

It was announced by the City Council of the City of Sarajevo that a Collegium has been scheduled for today, at which the date of the continuation of the session will be set.

At the constituent session of the City Council of the City of Sarajevo, the election of the Mayor of the City of Sarajevo and two Deputy Mayors of the City of Sarajevo was also planned. The only candidate for Mayor of Sarajevo was Bogic Bogicevic at the proposal of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), while Nasa stranka (Our Party) nominated Anja Margetic, an athlete and representative of the BiH swimming team, as the Deputy Mayor, while Haris Basic was suggested by Narod i pravda (People and Justice) as the second Deputy Mayor.

A candidate for the mayor of Sarajevo, Bogic Bogicevic sent a letter to the SDP BiH President Nermin Niksic yesterday evening, informing him of his irrevocable decision to withdraw his candidacy for the position.

Bogicevic stated that his nomination has obviously become a stumbling block in the coalition relations of the “Four”, which, in this event, showed a lack of unity at yesterday’s session of the Sarajevo City Council.

He believes that this disharmony is a kind of message that within that coalition he was not a desirable candidate for the mentioned position.

Bogićević pointed out that he did not want to disrupt inter-party relations, nor did he want his name to be used in inappropriate political and election games, which was what we witnessed at yesterday’s session of the Sarajevo City Council.

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