Sarajevo said last Goodbye to General Jovan Divjak

The man who saved our souls died, a general who shouted: “Don’t shoot”, it was said at the commemoration held on the occasion of the death of Jovan Divjak, former general of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The man who saved our souls died, Schindler of our time, a friend of all people, a consistent, brave, proud, general who shouted, ‘Don’t shoot.’ Without a complex, and he loved… Even when he was humiliated, he walked with his head held high, and along the lines going around his fighters “, it was said today at the National Theater in Sarajevo.

General Divjak’s grandson Gregor read his letter he wrote during his lifetime, when he learned that he was ill. He dedicated a farewell letter to many.

“I attended hundreds of funerals where selected people spoke most beautifully about the deceased. All the best about the deceased, what is the custom among the people. I think it is natural for me, Jovan Divjak, to talk about myself, and some of my close friends will read it, who will be courageous to read emotionally without a single tear. At funerals, the address began with ‘he was a good man’. Eh as I was, you present here know that. Both this and that, but I’m sure I was a moral and honest man in the most beautiful sense of the word. Of course, he is modest, “wrote General Divjak.

As he said, the days of life in Sarajevo were days of love, respect and appreciation. “I apologize if I hurt anyone, never on purpose. I let out a tear, a moment, rather than closing my eyes. Let go now. May the Bosnian country be happy with the love I carry with me “, he wrote in the letter.

Immediately after the war, Divjak took off his uniform, removed his ranks and dedicated the remaining 27 years to orphans.

Edin Becarevic, Deputy Executive Director of the Education Builds Bosnia and Herzegovina Association, said goodbye to his commander.

“I have known Jovan for almost 30 years. It was a father-son relationship. Jovan used to say that wisdom is in books, so he read, wrote… Until the last atom of strength, he came to work, drank coffee with us, asked about projects, followed, answered, criticized. This city today sees off a great man, a patriot and a fighter for true values. The great ones are leaving, and Jovan was the greatest among us. He left the association on a strong foundation, which we are committed to preserving. We will promote true human values, on which Jovan founded it “, said Becarevic.

The commemoration was attended, among others, by members of the Presidency of BiH Sefik Dzaferovic and Zeljko Komsic, Minister of Defense of BiH Sifet Podzic, bh. directors Danis Tanovic and Dino Mustafic, and many others.

Photo: Fena news agency

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