18 Million BAM for Employment in the Tuzla Canton

received_1109109095806712By the end of the year, 3.500 persons at the territory of the Tuzla Canton will get an opportunity to find a job.
This is enabled by the Public Call for co-financing of employment in 2016, implemented by the Government of FBiH and the Government of the Tuzla Canton. Eighteen million BAM will be used for this purpose.

The Tuzla Canton is currently the canton with the largest number of unemployed persons in the FBiH who are registered in the Institute for Employment of the Tuzla Canton. According to the Prime Minister of the Tuzla Canton Bego Gutića, there are 96.000 unemployed persons in this canton.
Gutić expects 3,500 new workplaces to be opened thanks to the implementation of this project. “I expect us to implement all 18 million BAM by the end of the year,” Gutić added.

Two million BAM were provided by the Government of the Tuzla Canton, while the remaining 16 million were provided by the Government of the FBiH. In charge of the implementation of the two million BAM from the Government of the Tuzla Canton are the Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship (800.000 BAM), Ministry for Veterans’ Issues (500.000 BAM) and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (300.000 BAM).

On the other side, the Institute for Employment of the Tuzla Canton is in charge of implementation of the remaining 16 million BAM. According to the director of this institute Senad Muhamedbegović, the money will be spent in several projects.

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