200 Tons of Arix produced, exporting to Kosovo, Serbia and Albania

Arix Tenzo Production tuzlanski.baIn the past month, since the production of powder products started again in the Detergents Factory Dita in Tuzla, over 200 tons of famous powder detergent Arix Tenzo were produced, confirmed the Deputy Trustee of this factory Almir Bajrić.

“In the coming period we intend to produce another 100 tons for the domestic market and 50 tons for export to Kosovo. We also plan to export to Serbia and Albania and some other countries,” Bajrić said.

Bajrić reminded that Arix Tenzo, which is the main brand of Dita along the 3de liquid detergent, was placed on the market a month ago, primarily in the shopping centers of the domestic giant Bingo – the company that financed the production of the famous powder detergent.

“B&H buyers expressed great interest right away and the first amounts of detergent were bought in record time. Dita was also supported by other retail chains such as Konzum, Omega, Robot, Amko Komerc, Gadžo… What makes us happy is the feedback from the buyers who are thrilled because Arik brought back the old, tested recipes that are truly among the best detergents in B&H and Europe,” Bajrić said.

Bajrić stated that the new amounts of Arix Tenzo will be produced in accordance with funds available and demands as well.

Production and sales are going according to the plan, Bajrić highlighted, and precise indicators will be evident only after several months.

“What matters for now is that we have launched the production of powder detergents, since that plant has been out of function for several years,” Bajrić said.


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