23,780 Decisions on Placing People under Medical Supervision issued in Bosnia and Herzegovina


As of April 7th, Federal sanitary inspectors at border crossings issued 23,780 decisions on placing people under medical supervision for a 14-day period, and on Tuesday, 436 were issued, Fena news agency reports.

Director of the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs Anis Ajdinovic said that measures out of 385 isolation decisions issued by Federal sanitary inspectors had expired today, and until yesterday, 15,335 persons had expired the mandatory isolation period of 14 days.

With regard to price controls in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on April 8th, the Federal Market Inspectorate on-duty team in the Canton of Sarajevo and Tuzla Canton carried out eight inspections and two controls, and identified seven violations, which entails the filing of seven misdemeanor orders in the amount of 8,700 BAM.

Increase in item prices from the Product List subject to the direct price control measure which is an integral part of the Federal Government Decision on prescribing direct price control measures (flour, oil, rice, yeast, vegetables, fruits, protective masks, disinfectants, etc.) has so far been recorded in a total of 25 control entities.

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