25 May- Day of Youth in memory of Tito

štafetaToday, on 25 May, birthday of former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito, Day of Youth is being marked all over former Yugslavia. Several thousand people will visit Tito’s grave in the ‘House of Flowers’ and the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade, reports Fena.

In village Kumrovec in Croatia, the home place of Tito, traditional celebration of Day of Youth called ‘In Youth is the Cheerfulness, in Cheerfulness is the Youth’ l be held in front of Tito’s house.

In BiH, the Day of Youth will be marked as well, and the association ‘Josip Broz Tito’ from Sarajevo will organise a ceremony dedicated to Day of Youth by laying the flowers at the monument to Tito in the Campus of Sarajevo University.

During the time of former Yugoslavia, the best young man or woman would give a relay to Tito wishing him long life and good health at the ceremony which was traditionally held on the stadium of JNA in Belgrade.

The relay event lasted for 42 years from 1945 until 1987 with the first relay starting in Kumrovac, and then, next year, it would start in other place and in other republic, by marking different dates of history of Yugoslav peoples.

Relays were carried throughout Yugoslavia for several months, and they had a five-star element with flame on top.

The first relay was givenby Mika Tripalo, and the last was given by Rejmonda Bročaj from Gnjilane to president of Youth of Yugoslavia Haim Rexhepi.

The last mass training at the JNA Stadium was held in 1979.

(photo: nacional. hr)

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