400 People With Disability Employed in FB&H During the Last Two Years

osobe_sa_invaliditetomThe government of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton with the support of the OSCE to B&H organized today in Mostar a presentation on the implementation of the Strategy on the equalization of opportunities for people with disabilities 2011-2015 in FB&H.

According to the Assistant of the Federal Minister of Labor and Social Policies Dorica Jonjić, the Strategy represents a crucial document that will radically change the relation of society and politics in regard to people with disabilities in our society. People with disabilities have the same needs as others.

He stated that there is a law on employment of people with disabilities in the FB&H and a Fund for professional rehabilitation that works perfectly for our conditions.

“We have hired 400 people with disabilities in the last two years and there are 1000 more employed earlier”, stated Jonjić

He believes that it is necessary to animate more employers to start opening new jobs for people with disabilities because they are very much worth it. Moreover, a fund for professional rehabilitation returns to the employers of people with disabilities all the contributions paid to them plus ten percent tax on wages. Thus, employers of people with disabilities are favorable 80 percent”.

(Source: Fena)

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