43,335 Work Permits issued to Citizens of BiH in Slovenia

As of 2013, 43,335 work permits were issued to BiH citizens in Slovenia, and in the first half of this year alone, 7,336 work permits were issued, confirmed by the Labor and Employment Agency of BiH for the Patria News Agency.

Since 2013, BiH and Slovenia have an interstate employment agreement for all jobs.

While Slovenia imports BiH from the workforce, the real sector in BiH remains without the much-needed skilled workers leaving for a better life and higher wages.

According to the structure of workers, the majority of drivers and welders are 23% each, followed by masons 7%, locksmiths 4%, and other occupations in smaller percentages, according to the Labor and Employment Agency.

Almost 14,000 workers left to Slovenia in 2018, and this year it could be even higher.

With regard to the employment of nurses and caregivers from BiH in Germany, 4,973 work permits have been issued since the implementation of the Agreement in 2013 until today.

In the first seven months of 2019 alone, 421 work permits were issued. Due to the enormous number of applications, retraining of interested candidates, this year there has been a change in the conditions that candidates must fulfill.

“Since February, Germany has not accepted diplomas for completed general and pediatric medical school obtained by retraining either in public or private school, nor is it possible to establish employment as a caregiver with diplomas obtained by retraining,” BiH Labor and Employment Agency announced.

In addition, all applicants who submit their applications to the BiH Labor and Employment Agency must have a German language certificate in accordance with the requirements of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in BiH.


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