500,000 Doses of Vaccines from Austria to arrive on August 9 in BiH

500,000 doses of vaccines from Austria will soon arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina, confirmed the Assistant Minister in the Health Sector of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, Dusan Kojic, saying that these are AstraZeneca vaccines.

“Preparatory activities are underway for the acceptance of the donation, and it is about the friendly help of Austria to our country, and it is important to note that this country was also the first to agree to help BiH through the EU4Health program. It is not yet known when exactly this delivery should arrive, but it is assumed that it could be around August 9, “Kojic said.

He also stated that both entities and the Brcko District expressed their consent for this delivery.

“These 500,000 doses of vaccines, in addition to those that were delivered earlier, will be enough to enable the launch of mass vaccination throughout BiH.” 

“By the way, many of those countries, such as Austria and Belgium, used to procure up to four times more vaccines for their population, so they have stocks that are now distributed to countries where the immunization process is slow due to lack of doses,” said Kojic.

Half a million doses of Sinofarm vaccines contracted by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina government with manufacturers in China should be delivered soon. 

All 500,000 doses should arrive at once. Final preparations are underway for the delivery of a total of 500,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccines, under a Procurement Agreement concluded with China National Biotec Group Limited (CNBG) and the manufacturer Beijing Institute of Biological Products Co. Ltd (as suppliers) and Synopharm International Hong Kong Limited (as sellers), the Government said.

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