Police in Doboj investigating the case of wrongly vaccinated Citizens

Police officers of the Criminal Police Sector of the Doboj Police Administration are checking the allegations from the report that an employee of the Doboj Health Center mistakenly gave a vaccine against the seasonal flu TVZ instead of the vaccine against Covid-19 from the Chinese manufacturer “Sinofarm”.

The mentioned event was reported by the Doboj Health Center on August 2, 2021. The competent District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Doboj was informed about everything, it is stated in the announcement of the Doboj Police Department.

The Health Center in Doboj informed the Institute for Public Health of the Republic of Srpska that eight people in this institution were mistakenly vaccinated against seasonal flu, instead of the vaccine against the corona virus “Sinopharm”, about which they were informed in a timely manner.

The Health Center states that the event happened on Saturday, July 31, and that, as far as we know, the vaccination process was stopped immediately, and the worker whose initials are M.P. was fired.

“Doctors of medicine employed in the Family Medicine Service also immediately informed our fellow citizens who received the seasonal flu vaccine, during which they were informed about the effect of the seasonal flu vaccine, and that there is no danger to their lives and health or any possible consequences.” is stated in the statement.

The institution pointed out that the Institute for Public Health of the Republic of Srpska, the Police Administration in Doboj and the Republic Administration for Inspection Affairs, the health inspection sector, were informed about the event by an urgent letter on Monday, August 2, at 7:00 AM, with a request for emergency action.

The competent institutions will decide on the responsibility of the worker in the vaccination process, after the end of the investigation, and there will be no additional press releases until the end of this procedure in order to enable the smooth conduct of the investigation, the Health Center said, Srna news agency writes.

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