520 Million EUR worth Investment: Construction of TPP Banovici to start Next Year

Construction of the Thermal Power Plant Banovici could start in the spring of the next year. All required licenses should be issued by the end of this year. The construction will last for about 5 years and the value of the investment was estimated at 520 million EUR. Thus was given the advantage to TPP Banovici in relation to the construction of the Block 7 of the TPP Tuzla, which caused a lot of controversies.

The approval of the Government and Parliament of FBiH is needed for the production of more than 30 megawatts. “The Ministry will issue an energy license. TPP Banovici will make a further progress, and I hope that they will start with works by the end of this year, and this power plant should be put into operation in about 40 months,” said Stipe Buljan, secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of FBiH.

“These are strategically significant projects for our country. We believe that the conditions for them to finally be realized have been met,” said Ismet Osmanovic, the President of the SDA Club in the House of Representatives of the Parliament of FBiH.

In the Government of FBiH noted that this is not about giving priority to one project, because both Banovici and Tuzla, substitute blocks, are owned by the FBiH. TPP Banovici was first because activities related to this block are conducted faster, and there is difference in the energy value of the coal as well.

“It is well-known fact that the coal in Banovici has higher energy value, and thus it has higher chances to be more cost-effective. The price of a megawatt is 43 EUR. Coal in Tuzla is less caloric and the price for it is 52 EUR, depending on the market. Last year’s market had a price of 25 EUR, now it is around 100 EUR,” said Fadil Novalic, the Prime Minister of the FBiH.

Now the Elektroprivreda BiH has to fulfill its part of obligations from the agreement on the construction of TPP Banovici, and the Government of FBiH claimed that it will be completed in the next 15 days.


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