535 Reports on perpetrated Criminal Offenses for Juvenile Persons in BiH

In 2018, Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina resolved 535 reports (charges) on perpetrated criminal offenses for juvenile persons, which was 37 charges less or 6,47 % lower in comparison with the previous year.

Out of the total number of reports (charges) on crimes committed by juveniles in 2018, by type of decision for 53,83 % of them complaints were dismissed, 8,79 % of preparatory procedure was terminated and for 37,38 % of the cases, a proposal to impose sanctions was submitted.

In the same period, 118 decisions were made, which was 5 decisions less (commencement of new legislation).1 Out of the total number of reported juvenile persons 22,05 % were the accused juveniles. The total number of convicted juvenile persons is 95, which is 1 convicted juvenile less than the previous year, or 1,04 %.

There were 95 criminal sanctions imposed, out of which 98,9% were educational-correctional measures, and 1,1 % were juvenile imprisonment sentences, BiH’s Agency for Statistics said in a report.

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