6,500 New Trees planted in the Action of Reforestation in BiH

reforestationThe second year of Henkel and Konzum reforestation project “Together for our green forests” in which also participated the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Sarajevo, was marked by great success.

This is an ecological project aimed at reforestation as many areas as possible in order to increase forest fund which currently covers about 50 % of the area of BiH. Only this year will be planted about 6,500 seedlings, just over 2,000 per locality, in three locations: Trnovo, Sarajevo and Kupres.

Of the three mentioned, reforestation has already been carried out at localities of Kupres and Sarajevo, while reforestation on the location of Trnovo will be carried out in the following days when weather conditions are more suitable. Last year at this location was planted 6,000 seedlings which should grow into a new, young trees. The success of the campaign was testified by experts from the Faculty of Forestry who reviewed areas that were forested in last year’s campaign, and concluded that the current plantings are progressing well and in accordance with expectations.

We are very satisfied with this cooperation and reforestation project. One of the most important aspects has been reached, and that is the education of future generations, students and high school students, as well as the increase of the Earth’s surface covered by forests and the overall environmental benefits that can be achieved with this project. We are sincerely looking forward to future cooperation with new ideas and new projects,” said Prof Dalibor Ballian from the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Sarajevo.

“We are very proud that this reforestation project is continued for the second consecutive year. Our goal, together with partners, Konzum and the Faculty of Forestry, is to raise quality and fund of forests in BiH and affect people’s consciousness about the importance of green forests to human health and animals. We are very happy to see the results of last year’s reforestation and we want to thank all partners, our customers and students who are engaged in this project as well,” said Mario Altan, general manager of Henkel Adria, Laundry & Home Care.

“We in Konzum are very proud of this project and we are especially pleased that our customers recognized the importance of the project and that they could also help by buying Henkel products. This activity will permanently remain in BiH, since it is very important for BiH to have green areas. We know that forests are ‘lungs’ of cities and environment in which we live. We are happy when we look at the results from the last year,” said Zvjezdana Stojakovic, PR manager of Konzum BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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