70 Films at the Eight Pravo Ljudski Film Festival

PravoLjudskiFrom 8 to 18 November, the eighth in row ‘Pravo Ljudski Film Festival’ (Human Rights Film Festival) will be held in Sarajevo, with 70 films in the selections re: versus, short kung-fu, arts&doc and competition extra muros, as well as the retrospective program dedicated to film collectives.

On this occasion, a press conference was held today, where the Creative Director Kumjana Novakova, Executive Director Monja Šuta-Hibert, Coordinator of ‘Zoomiraj Prava Programa’ Olja Latinović and PR Manager of the festival Una Bejtović presented the program and goals of the festival.

Novakova pointed out that this year a comprehensive retrospective program will offer 23 documentary films between 1950 and 2012, which are produced by film collectives.

The competition program presents works of new filmmakers, and this year around 10 documentary films will be presented, by filmmakers from Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Brazil and Egypt.

‘’What is new is that for the first time young people will be involved in socially engaged animation’’, said Novakova.

She also announced a new program that is of regional character called ‘This is our future’, workshops of documentary movies from the Balkans, because ‘Pravo Ljudski Film Festival’ works on festivals in Prizen-Doku Fest, Belgrade-Slobodna Zona, and the festival in Skopje.

In the most important festival in the area of documentary films, the regional program ‘This is our future’ will present everywhere the results of documentary film schols, and the Sarajevo public will have the chance to see 12 short documentary films made in Prizren, Belgrade and Skopje.

Latinović said that in the segment of ‘Pravo Ljudski’ there will be the ‘Zoomiraj Program’, which will take place from 8 to 11 November, and screenings will be shown in Kino Meeting Point and Art Kino Kriterion.

‘’Zoomiraj Prava’ will offer this year 29 documentary movies, and 12 of them will be in the competition that are divided into several program sections. The aim is to bring documentary movies closer to young people, and the important segment is education.

Workshops will be held on creative approach and the use of ‘useless’ materials, and the second workshop will be dedicated to Internet activism.

In the competition of documentary photography, this year 467 photographs by 60 young people arrived, which responded to the topic ‘I have a story’, and the exhibitions will be on display in Gallery Black Books.

Entrance to all films at Kino Meeting Point, SARTRE and Art Kino Kriterion will be free.


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