71 People sought Medical Help after Food Poisoning

A total of 71 people have sought medical help after eating kebabs and sandwiches at a fast food facility in Srebrenik and 22 people coming from the Tuzla, Gradacac and Srebrenik area reported to the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the University Clinical Center in Tuzla.

“We are in contact with the hygienic-epidemiological services in the Tuzla Canton and we are working on the remediation of the epidemic,” said Dr. Blasko Topalovic from the Public Health Institute of Tuzla Canton.

“From Thursday night until today, 22 patients have arrived to the Infectious Diseases Clinic. Last night, 17 patients arrived, nine of whom were released for home treatment, while eight were hospitalized. They are beyond life threatening.”

In the meantime, the Srebrenik Health Center declared an epidemic of food poisoning, and the Public Health Institute of Tuzla Canton was informed.

Evidence was seized from the facility where kebabs and sandwiches were purchased, and the object was closed.

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