After 8 months: Little heroin Dalila left Parents’ House with a Smile

Lil DalilaThe Parents’ House in Sarajevo is a second home for little heroes who fight against a devious disease. They spend their days after chemotherapy there, and they play, socialize and celebrate there. This time, members of the household celebrated the departure of one heroine Delila who has ended her fight and went home.

Delila’s mother Dragica Raic and Delila were escorted by everyone with a smile on their faces – happy because the difficult period came to an end.

“We are so glad that she has made it to this day when she is ending her hospitalization. Now she needs only checkups and we hope to hang out again but in better circumstances – at the rehabilitation camp and similar gatherings. Enjoy your childhood sweetheart,” stated house members and members of the association „Heart for Children with Cancer.

Dalila was treated for leukemia for eight months. Her mother says that every day of chemotherapy seemed like a year.

“Now, when driving back to our house, no matter how happy I am, I cannot live the same life. I am thinking about all the children that we are leaving behind, who have been there before us and those who, unfortunately, are yet to come. Now I understand when people say that it is fate and that everything comes for a reason. I now wonder what would I do with my little girl if there wasn’t for the Parents’ House, Jasna Pasic Vatres, Ina Sljivo and Fikret Kubat. What would happen to my child and me if the department of hemato-oncology in Sarajevo hasn’t been so professional and helpful in everything,” wrote this mother.

Raic thanked all the doctors and medical staff who helped her daughter and put a smile on her face and encouraged her after each needle and every chemotherapy.

“Honestly, I have no words to describe nurses and their love for those children on the department and the understanding they show towards parents, the patience, and all the strength that they gave me through all these eight months. And the parents who have gone through this already or who are still going through what I’ve been through or maybe even worse. I thank God for meeting those people because a person only then realizes what friends truly are and I know I’ll stay connected with them for my entire life. I want to thank these people from the bottom of my heart for everything they have done for me and my child, for existing and for proving and demonstrating that it does not matter what is somebody’s name, where is he from and what is his skin color, whether somebody prays in this or that way. We all ask God for the same thing – the health of our children. The blood is the same for everyone and I will never find the right words nor the right way to sufficiently thank all those who have been there for me all this time,” wrote Raic.

The Parents’ House was opened on the 26th of April last year, five years after the beginning of the project. Several families already lived here. The house consists of 10 one-bedroom units, common kitchen for the entire building, a separate room for a playground, a large living room and others. The facility is located within the Pediatric Clinic of CCUS, which greatly simplifies the treatment of children and relieves concern of their parents.

(Source: klix.ba)

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