Peljesac Bridge to receive 85 % of EU funds

peljesac bridgeThe Ministry of Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia yesterday received a positive opinion of the Independent Quality Review – IQR for the project “Road connection with Southern Dalmatia”, or Peljesac bridge, which evaluated the project as acceptable for co-financing from EU funds and in a maximum amount of 85%.

The final decision of the European Commission on the financing of Peljesac bridge will be known in the next three months, and if the Commission does not refuse to finance the project during that period, it will be concluded that the project will receive grant in the amount that Croatia requested, and which is also the largest amount possible.

“This positive opinion is the penultimate step before the final confirmation from the Commission after which will follow the application of project to the European Commission, which will be submitted by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds as the Managing Body of the Operational Program ‘Competitiveness and Cohesion’ 2014 – 2020, from which the project should be financed in the amount of 420.3 million EUR,” as announced by the government of Croatia.

With positive opinion of the IQR, a long procedure of the great infrastructure project to the European Commission in the sector of transport projects whose value amounts to 75 million EUR and more is coming to an end, and before this step was necessary to prepare extensive documentation, prepare proposal of the project and get confirmation of JASPERS – expert.

The project of Peljesac bridge with access roads, with which will be connected separated Croatian territory, including the European Union, will be 32.53 km long and will consist of three main phases: Peljesac Bridge (a distance of 2.4 kilometers); the access road to the Peljesac: Duboka – Zaradeze (a length of 12.04 kilometers); bypass Stone: Zaradeze – Donta Doli, which is divided into two parts, i.e. the alignment of D414 between Zaradeze – Prapratno and construction of bypass Prapratno – Donta Doli (in a length of 18.09 kilometers), as stated from the Ministry.

(Source: klix.ba)

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