What was agreed at Yesterday’s Session of the Parliament?

parliament-fbihRepresentatives of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the FBiH yesterday completed an extraordinary session with the adoption of the Resolution that is condemning the initiative of federalization of state and entities.

Although members of the Croatian National Council, which is consisted of HSS, HKUD and two HSP’s, left this session, resolution of Damir Masic (SDP) was adopted with the votes of 70 deputies that were present at this session.

However, representatives of the HDZ BiH, as the only representatives of the Croatian people who stayed at the session, did not vote for it.

Deputies of HNS left the session after numerous heavy debates with representatives of other parties.

President of the Club of HNS Jozo Bagaric said that this resolution represents an attack at Croats, while the President of FBiH and the Vice President of HDZ Marinko Cavara said that the adoption of this resolution is unnecessary and that deputies should address the adoption of reforms.

Although this resolution divided the Parliament of FBiH on the national basis, it is interesting that it was a reason for a very rare situation to happen: the majority of representatives agreed on one thing.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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