8,372 Cups from which no one will drink Coffee displayed in Zurich

BH artist Aida Sehovic set up the art installation “Why you are not here” in Zurich as a sign of remembrance of victims of Srebrenica.

A total of 8372 cups was placed in the center of this town in Switzerland, on Helvetia Square. No one will drink coffee from them.

“We placed cups and poured the coffee in them for 8.372 people of Srebrenica who will never return to drink it. We have never and we will never forget them,” said artists, whose main goal is that we never forget the genocide that was committed in Srebrenica.

This art installation is the so-called “nomadic” installation, and it has been set up in Chicago, The Hague, New York, Stockholm, Istanbul, Sarajevo, Toronto, Geneva, Boston, Burlington and Tuzla.

Take a look at the video.


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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