A Meeting was held at BiH Border Police after Arrest of Officers

The Director of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zoran Galic held an Expert Collegium at the Main Office, which was attended by the Deputy Director and Assistant for Organization and Operations, heads of the central office, advisors to the director and field offices of the BiH Border Police, Klix.ba writes.

The professional course was held on the occasion of the current situation regarding the “Konak” action.

The State Investigation and Protection Agency and the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, where two members of the BPBiH were deprived of their liberty.

“The BiH Border Police strongly condemns any form of corrupt behavior, especially in its own ranks, whose members should be those who fight corruption, not those who participate in it, and the Border Police hereby gives full support to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH in the fight against corruption and the continuation of the realization of the Konak action “, it was said after the meeting.

In the last few years, the Central Investigation Office of the BiH Border Police has prepared 23 reports on the committed criminal offense in which 40 GPBiH officers are suspected. 35 internal proceedings were conducted due to suspicion of corrupt behavior, ie abuse of official position against 48 police officers, for which a request for disciplinary proceedings was submitted.

In the above-mentioned proceedings, in eleven cases, eleven GP police officers were given a disciplinary sanction of termination of employment.

GPBiH police officers were prosecuted for committing criminal offenses: Abuse of official position, Receiving gifts and other forms of benefit, Failure to report a criminal offense or perpetrator, Embezzlement in the service and others.

After the police action “Konak” exposed a number of illegalities, Svevlad Hoffman, chief inspector and advisor to the director of the BiH Border Police, submitted a request today for the annulment of the public competition for the admission of 150 cadets to this institution. 

As Klix.ba portal finds out, Hoffman argued the request with the facts that the police discoveries and arrests of members of the commission for the admission of cadets completely contaminated and compromised the whole process. He referred to the Law on Police Officers, which stipulates that the entire process must be transparent, fair and lawful. 

The request also states that having in mind the scope of suspicions, it is a completely realistic assessment that a large number of candidates illegally “earned” a place on the list for employment on the basis of bribery and illegal mediation, and that the entire procedure needs to be repeated. 

Yesterday, the Court of BiH asked for the detention on the proposal of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH for the suspected members of the BiH Border Police, Rejhan Raković and Ensar Saličinović, and Kenit Čakić. 

The mentioned suspects are under investigation for criminal offenses of abuse of position or authority, receiving gifts and other forms of benefits and illegal mediation, which refer to corrupt behavior and activities during the competition for admission of employees to the BiH Border Police. 

In particular, the suspects are charged with requesting and receiving a certain amount of money during 2020 and 2021, in order to secure employment with the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

As Klix.ba finds out, between 15 and 20 thousand BAM were requested for the admission of cadets. The subject of the investigation was the last competition, according to which 150 cadets were to be admitted, namely 25 cadets with at least completed VI level of education for the second level of accession in the rank of “junior inspector” and 125 cadets with at least completed IV level of education for the first level joining the rank of “police officer” in several organizational units, Klix.bawrites.

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