A petition for new technologies in election process signed by 70,000 citizens

The campaign of the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections “Under the Magnifying Glass” (Pod lupom) for the introduction of new technologies in the election process in BiH resulted in 70,000 signatures of a petition to prevent election theft and election day fraud by introducing electronic identification voters and ballot scanners.

The coalition “Under the Magnifying Glass” reminds that the introduction of new technologies would restore the trust of citizens in the elections, but also contribute to increasing transparency in the election process.

“The introduction of machines for scanning ballots would prevent election fraud, which is reflected in the change of voting results through the annulment of votes for political opponents, voting for those that did not turn out to the polls or marking additional votes. In addition, this would enable better post-election analysis and the so-called election forensics from the election administration, observers and all participants in the election process. Depending on the technology used, the election results could be available just a few hours or even minutes after the polls close, according to the Coalition Under the Magnifying Glass.

According to the coalition, electronic voter identification would prevent misuses related to the identity of voters who go to the polls, such as voting on behalf of another person, multiple voting and misuse of votes after polls close, and it would be possible to monitor voter turnout in real-time.

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