A Queue over the Ticket Sales for the Match B&H-Israel already formed in Zenica

row for tickets sale zenica

The official ticket sales for the qualifying match between B&H and Israel begin this morning, but the most persistent fans from Zenica have already begun a row in front of the branch of Centrotrans in Zenica.

In their usual tradition, the first fans of our national football team, “armed“ with patience and food and drink,  arrived yesterday afternoon and took their places in front of the branch where the ticket sales began today.

A group of several fans from Zenica decided to spend a night in front of the branch in Zenica in order to buy tickets at the regular price, considering that the game is of great interest. We believe that the number of fans will be much larger before ticket sales begin.
Fans are increasingly faced with the problem of ticket prices, given that tickets are being resold, and sometimes prices are extremely high compared with the regular price at the Centrotrans branch.


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