Hundreds of People pay Tribute to murdered Children in Prijedor

International White Ribbon Day

The International White Ribbon Day was marked yesterday in the main square in Prijedor with a procession and the laying of roses in memory of 102 murdered children.

The marking of the International White Ribbon Day was attended by hundreds of citizens of B&H who walked through the main square, with banners carrying  messages that the crime cannot and should not be forgotten, to the Trade house “Patrija“ where they laid roses for the 102 murdered children.

Mido Vukalic traveled 40 kilometers from Sanski Most to Prijedor in order to pay tribute to the murdered children.
“When I come to such events, nothing is hard for me. For me, this day represents something devastating in civil society.The children were not guilty of anything, but what happened, happened. Not one person in authority wants to condemn that act and that is something that I cannot accept“, said Vukalic.

An artist Elma Salman, from Prijedor, presented her construction of Lego blocks on which the names of the murdered children were written. In the main square in Prijedor, in front of the Trade house, the youngest participants of yesterday’s walk wearing white ribbons on their arms  joined in building the Lego construction that represents a monument to the murdered children.

(Source: klix.ba)

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