A Street in Sarajevo to be named after Stephen Hawking?

At yesterday’s session, councillors of the Municipality Center in Sarajevo unanimously adopted the initiative of the SBB Club to name one street in Sarajevo after the famous physicist Stephen Hawking.

Haris Mujanovic, the head of the SBB Club at the Municipal Council of Center, said that they proposed the initiative and it was unanimously adopted with 22 votes in favour.

“We will send it further in the procedure to the commission and from the commission it will be returned to the Municipal Council, and then it will be sent further to the canton… The procedure is normal, the same one as for any kind of naming the street, the square, or something else. We gave the initiative to rename some other street. We requested from them to find the most adequate street they could rename on the territory of the Municipality Centar,” noted Mujanovic.

The competent commission will now determine the most adequate street to be renamed, according to Mujanovic.

(Source: I. C./Klix.ba)


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