A Total of 3,048 Blood Doses donated for Two Hospitals in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Twelve municipal organizations of the Red Cross of the Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDK) donated 2.223 blood doses to the Cantonal Hospital in Zenica (KBZ) and 825 doses for the General Hospital in Tesanj (OBT) last year, ie a total of 3,048 blood doses for these two hospitals in the ZDK.

According to the Secretary-General Ermin Cato, out of that number, 1,984 were collected for the KBZ, and at the request of the family an additional 239 blood doses. For the General Hospital Tesanj, all donated blood was collected in numerous actions.

“We still do not have data for individual donations, but we estimate it is some 1,200 doses of blood. Our patients are treated at the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo. We have the exact number of donated blood for KCUS only for organizations from Visoko and Olovo that donated 225 and 282 doses. We do not have data for Vares, Breza and Kakanj,” Cato said to Federal News Agency.

He also says that some blood goes to Tuzla, where the patients from the ZDK are also being treated, but they do not yet have the exact data.

He announces that this year the plan is to implement 83 actions, and hopes that more blood will be collected.

The most blood in shares and at the call last year was collected by OO CK Tešanj – 681 doses, followed by Kakanj with 524 and Zenica with 496 doses.

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