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A young Man from BiH got a Job in Company Facebook

The change of environment and state, temperatures up to -30 degrees, foreign language, and new culture were not an obstacle for the young Dragos Strugar to replace life in Prnjavor with life in Russian Innopolis and gain academic knowledge and title there, and such a bold move will lead him to the world-famous company “Facebook”.

Now, after graduating from the Faculty of Informatics at Innopolis University, this young man found his future in London, more precisely in the “Facebook” team.

He started his journey into the world of programming as a high school student when he created the first apps to develop personal skills and acquire new knowledge.

According to him, during the first two years of study, he did his internship within the laboratory of the University of Innopolis and the focus of his work was on theoretical study, while in the third year he focused on practical training.

”I should return to London soon as a permanent employee of ‘Facebook’ and that would be my first real big job. What is interesting is that ‘Facebook’ has a very interesting way of hiring and an interesting way of entering the company. You go through different teams in the beginning and choose the team that you like the most and that suits your skills. I will use that and choose the team I like and start my career there, ” Strugar stated.

One working day in “Facebook”, Strugar points out, is similar in the number of hours to other jobs, but he adds that here no one will follow you and record when you entered the company and when you left.

”Employees have benefits that I have not even been able to see, but, let’s say, travel to work and back is provided. Then, you always get a sum of money that you can use for gyms and wellness because ‘Facebook’ focuses not only on work but also on the physical and mental health of employees. Also, every engineer or designer can take a training course and “Facebook” will pay for it, ” Strugar revealed.

”A lot of talent needs to be used in order to achieve someimaginary goals. The most common example of this is mobile devices that are evolving from year to year. However, some things, such as artificial intelligence or the whole field of robotics, require great knowledge in the field of mathematics, physics, and other natural sciences, and therefore even more talent should be invested in those fields in order to realize ideas that have been imagined, ” told Strugar, Biznis Info writes.


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