Acceleration before the Application: Results of the Census in several Weeks?

Census Result Acceleration oslobodjenje.baChairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H Denis Zvizdić presented today the activities which brought B&H closer to the credible application for membership in the European Union.

A lot of work is still ahead of the state and entity authorities, among which are results of the census from 2013. The census has been presented as one of the key prerequisites for a positive response from Brussels to the application of B&H.

Commenting on the issue of the census, Zvizdić espressed convincement that this issue will be resolved soon.

“We expect the census results to be published in several weeks and things are going for the better. Census is one of the key documents for further development of segments on the European path,” Zvizdić said that today’s press conference at which it was reconfirmed that B&H will apply for membership in the EU on February 15.

If Zvizdić’s foresight is correct, that will be a much more favorable development of situation in comparison with the previously announced publishing of the results in June.

It has been announced earlier that the publishing of census results will be attended by the Director General of Eurostat Walter Radermacher and EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

(Source: klix.ba)

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