VSTV to reconsider the disputed Decision on the ban of wearing religious

VSTV Reconsidering Decision n1info.comAt a two-day session which is to be held today and tomorrow, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (VSTV) will reconsider the controversial decision on the ban of wearing religious symbols to the employees in judicial institutions of B&H.

Members of VSTV have 26 items on the agenda and, as confirmed by this institution, the 14th item on the agenda which is to be considered today is the “Analysis regarding the wearing of religious symbols in judicial institutions”.

At the sessions of VSTV from September and October 2015, it has been assessed that attention must be drawn to the wearing of religious symbols by the employees in judicial institutions, as well as by the parties. In the meantime, numerous domestic institutions and non-governmental organizations reacted, condemning the VSTV’s decision, considering it discriminatory.

At the previous session, VSTV already considered the letter sent from the Islamic Community which condemned the VSTV’s decision, highlighting that the decision violates the rights of female Muslim believers wearing hijab, demanding new discussion and abolition of the decision.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo n1)

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