After the Exclusion of Vasvija Vidović: Three Attorneys defending Radončić

Radončić Defense Team faktor.baAfter the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H invited Vasvija Vidović as a witness in the case of Fahrudin Radončić, she was disabled from being a part of defense attorney team.

In the procedure before the Court of B&H, Radončić will be defended by attorneys Asim Crnalić, Dragan Barbarić and Almina Pilav.

Asim Crnalić confirmed that he has already started working on the preparation of Radončić’s defense, together with Barbarić. Almina Pilav should join them soon, too.

Crnalić assessed the exclusion of Vasvija Vidović from the attorney team as unnecessary and hasty.

Vasvija Vidović also defended Bilsena Šahman and it is still not known who will be the new attorney of Šahman. Bakir Dautbašić will be represented by the attorney Tanja Savić.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo faktor)

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