Actors of famous “Audition” gathering, Tour starts this Autumn

AuditionThe famous play known as “Audition”, which was performed for more than 3,000 times and watched by more than 2.5 million viewers, will be played again this autumn.

All actors that we were watching more than 30 years ago will star again: Admir Glamocak, Senad Basic, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Sasa Petrovic, Mladen Nelevic, Jasmin Geljo and Zeljko Nincic.

This famous play was created back in December 1984 as part of the teaching process at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, and it was performed at the Open stage Obala for the first time. It remained known as the most successful BH theatrical-student project of all times until today, which no one ever managed to surpass.

In the 80’s, the “Audition” recorded enormous popularity, and manager Raka Djokic organized a large Yugoslav tour in 1986 and helped it to become a real TV miracle.

The “Audition” was performed hundreds of times, and it will remain recorded that in Belgrade, at the Sava Center, the lines for the sale of ticket were a few hundred meters long. The ” Audition ” still holds many records, such as that in Lisinski were sold out 33 performances in 11 days, which no one else managed to do until this day. This play was performed 50 times at Dom Sindikata in Belgrade as part of the Yugoslav tour, and a ticket more was requested every time. The halls throughout the former Yugoslavia were packed, and more than two and a half million people watched it.



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