Minister Bevanda and Ambassador of Saudi Arabia discussed Further Cooperation

bevandaDeputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH and Minister of Finance and Treasury Vjekoslav Bevanda yesterday received the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to BiH Hani bin Abdullah Mominah and they discussed further cooperation between the two countries, which is being realized in almost all sectors.

At the meeting was emphasized that BiH and Saudi Arabia signed six bilateral agreements last year, and besides favorable loans, they are also referring to the allocation of grant funds for specific projects in BiH and institutional cooperation on education and security.

Minister Bevanda expressed his gratitude to the authorities of Saudi Arabia on their continuous provision of financial support in all areas that are important for improvement of living conditions in BiH.

Besides good and long-term cooperation, problems that are slowing down realization of certain projects were also discussed at the meeting, as well as procedures in BiH that are taking too long in the process of conclusion of the agreement as well as a realization of projects for which the funds were already approved.

Minister Bevanda noted that the Ministry of Finance and Treasury has a good and very successful cooperation with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia to BiH and the Saudi Fund for Development through which were realized millions of funds in projects throughout the country, and that he is expecting these activities to be intensified in other institutions as well, and that administrative interference in the process will be removed.

Ambassador Mominah reiterated once again that Saudi Arabia is a friend of BiH and all of its citizens, and that this is the fundamental reason for a good and long-term cooperation, as announced by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH.

(Source: FENA)


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