Actors of the Theater Group “Confero” from Visoko Presented at the 42 Theater Festival “Fedra”

rezim-visokoMembers of theater group “Confero” from Visoko are presented last night at the program of 42 theater festival of B&H “Fedra” in Bugojno.

They performed the play “Režim” based on the text “Sljedeći” (Next) of (Terrwnce McNally), where the main roles had actors Adnan Mević and Rasim Pavica, supported by the bend Uncle Sen (Azra Ohran, Husein Ohran, Omar Bilalović, Jasmin Zubić and Muhamed Bešlagić).

This play is performed for the first time on 7 February 2013 at the Visoko City Cinema, implemented by members of this theater group, which operates within the Association of Fans of Performing Arts  “Confero”.

The show tries to point out some of the current problems in B&H society and touches some universal human problems, through the relationship between the two characters in the scene, which represent ideas more than real drama characters. An officer on one hand and a recruited officer on the other hand are during the entire show in conflict – American democracy is ideal for the first one while the other wants to keep the state it was in prior to recruitment, meaning to do nothing. The audience remains in dilemma until the end of the show in regard to the winner, the regime or individual.

(Source: Fena)

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