Additional nine National Monuments declared in B&H

New National Monuments faktor.baAt the last session held from February 1 to 3 this year, the Commission for preservation of national monuments of B&H reached a decision on declaring another nine national monuments of B&H.

The list includes the historical facility Ćamdžića house in Puračić, Municipality of Lukavac, the movable property Kunovski zapis owned by the National Museum of B&H in Sarajevo, the Jewish cemetery in Jajce, the historical area of necropolis with tombstones at the locality of Han on Hreša and the historical facility the Catholic Church of Saint Peter and Paul in Tešanj.

Also, the newly declared national monuments of B&H are the historical facility Old Town Rmani in Martin Brod, remains of the fortress and walls in Bihać, historical area and remains of Arnaudija Mosque in Rogatica and the architectural ensemble the old wooden mosque with a harem in Tuholj, Kladanj.

Of the mentioned national monuments in B&H, two of them are highlighted for their shape and age, said the chairperson of the Commission Ljiljana Ševo.

“I am drawing special attention to the Čamdžića house which is made of wood and one of rare preserved samples of such facilities. The second monument made by national builders is the mosque near Kladanj, also made of wood and most probably dating back from the 18th century. Only several wooden mosques are preserved in B&H and, together with mosques, they make a whole which represents architectural achievements of one of the most difficult centuries in general in the history of this region,” Ševo said.

According to Ševo, the Commission reached a decision to remove the historical monument Mehmed Pasha Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad from the list of endangered monuments. The reason for this is the completion of restoration of the bridge and the signed Protocol on cooperation between the Council of Ministers of B&H and the Government of Republika Srpska which confirms the monitoring of the water level in the Drina River in order for the stability of the bridge to be secured.


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