Additional Reception Center for Migrants to be opened in BiH?

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Migration Bureau, chaired by the Minister of Security of BiH Dragan Mektic, confirmed on Tuesday at the meeting that he remains at an earlier decision to form a reception center in Vucjak near Bihac.

The position of representatives of the European Union Delegation in BiH not to finance the accommodation of migrants at this location, members of the Staff assessed as unfounded, and even that there may be hidden intentions for migrants to stay longer in BiH.

Especially, there was a criticism that the site is unacceptable because it is close to the border with Croatia. Also, the representative of the Una-Sana Canton, Police Commissioner Mujo Koricic, pointed out that by relocating migrants from parks and private accommodation to Vucjak, the situation in Bihac is much better, especially from a security aspect.

In order to further low the pressure on this canton, the possibility of accommodating migrants in the center of Duje in Doboj Istok will be considered.

The meeting also discussed the issues that BiH delegation will discuss at a meeting with representatives of the European Union in the middle of the month in Brussels regarding the current migration situation in BiH.

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