Adis Tanović presented “The Guide through Sarajevo”

Adis Tanović Books“The Guide through Sarajevo” and “Photomonography of Bosnia and Herzegovina” by Adis Tanović were presented in Sarajevo last night. Promoters believe these works are a significant contribution to the B&H tourism.

The author explained that the guide contains travelogue texts which describe the historical core and surroundings of the city, the development of Baščaršija, the neighborhoods and crafts.

Photomonography, according to Tanović, presents in the best way all B&H potentials. Besides photographs, the books also contain texts on construction heritage, culture, tradition and natural resources such as rivers, lakes, mountains and waterfalls.

“Four years again I launched the Project ‘How to travel around Europe’ after the visa regime for B&H was abolished, I wanted to present the Europe, its culture and all interesting about it to our population. Within that project, I published several books. While I was presenting all those books, I got an idea – to present B&H to Europe,” Tanović said.

Tanović noted that his previous books on B&H were presented around the world.


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